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Business Plan for Coffee Export Company - 3308 Words

BURUNDI COFFEE EXPORT COMPANY By Benjamin TURIKUBWAYO Business plan April 2010 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY What is the product ? Burundi coffee is unknown at international market. This is not because coffee growers cannot produce a good quality; it is simply because the coffee produced is not processed to meet the market standards. Burundi coffee company will work with coffee growers to produce specialty coffee by using high quality standards in the processing of the coffee cherry then market it to roasters in the US and Europe. What is the market size? Statistics from the International coffee organization show that there is a decrease in the coffee export in the year 2010 compared to year 2009. â€Å"World coffee exports amounted to 7.1†¦show more content†¦What is the payoff? Burundi coffee export company anticipates break-even within the first year of operation. The expected return on investment is 22% in the first year of operation and this may increase in the following years after the training expenses are fully covered Management Team Burundi coffee export company was created by four business oriented folks who will be in charge of the company management. The team is chaired by MUVUNYI who is the president of the company. He worked as the CEO of the government coffee board for ten years before the coffee sector was privatized. With the experience in the coffee sector he will coordinate the activities of the company and he will be in charge of public relations. Benjamin has a Bachelor’s degree in Business administration and he worked in cash corps business for seven years. He will be in charge of Finance and Marketing. Robert an engineer in Tropical agriculture will be in charge of quality control on washing stations. The community mobilization and trainings component will be conducted by Sarah who has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology with five years working experience with agriculture cooperatives. 1. Problem analysis and statement From 1993 to 2005, Burundi experienced the ravages of a prolonged civil war that devastated all spheres of human life in the country and resulted in 300,000 deaths and the displacement of 1.3 million people. Income generation and livelihood activities areShow MoreRelatedStarbucks and Tips to Enhance its Business787 Words   |  3 Pagesmake coffee such a huge and profitable business. In almost any civilized city today, a cup of coffee is never too far away and in urban environments, it’s hard to walk for five minutes without seeing a vendor. Its 41 years of existence makes it a pretty solid company in the grand scheme of coffee stores. The main person behind Starbucks and CEO of this company is Howard Schultz who bought a Seattle coffee company in 1987. He transformed the coffee stores into a national, publicly owned company withRead MoreMarketing Plan For Coffee Beans1456 Words   |  6 Pagesa food company in Northern Territory Australia that have traveled through the paved markets, abundant coppices and villages of Mediterranean to bring quality food products for customers(Our Story, 2017). The story of the company is linked with trusted customers and producers who considers quality as their utmost choice. The company is currently serving Mediterranean food and now the company is going to launch new products for its customers i.e. coffee beans. The aim of this marketing plan is toRead MoreBusiness Analysis : Couture Coffee1302 Words   |  6 Pages Couture Coffee has shown a steady incline in sales for the last five years. However, I see that the incline can happen at a faster pace. Currently, we only target the restaurants, hotels, and grocery in the main cities. With the distributors working on commission they search surrounding cities for customers. Considering the future, we should look at the internet to expand our customer base to places in the North America. The market for the coffee world is growing, and we need to keep pace. Read More Starbucks Business Ethics Case Analysis Essay examples1451 Words   |  6 PagesStarbucks Business Ethics Case Analysis INTRO Ethical issues in business are a common placed every day occurrence that will never cease to exist. We will discuss an ethical issue that involves a large American corporation and its practices when dealing with suppliers of produce that is essential but not solely used by this business. We will present several point of views backed by literary findings that suggest ethical practices may or may not be at hand. BODY Mr. DonaldRead MoreSwot Analysis of Indian Coffee1706 Words   |  7 PagesA SWOT analysis on Indian coffee   Pravin Palande    [pic] Mumbai: Understanding the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of an industry is paramount for its survival and growth. To understand the coffee market in India we must first analyse the industry environment. What may be perceived as a strength in one situation may turn out to be otherwise in another. Also, what must be considered is that the domestic coffee industry is going through a period of transition. It is metamorphosingRead MoreHorizontal Flow Inward Outward Flow Vertical Information Flow and Downward Information Flow of Financial Data in the Kuali System Essays and Term Papers1239 Words   |  5 PagesBusiness Plan People have many dreams of owning their own business one day. Their are many things in which one would have to consider before getting started; one thing in particular is developing a business plan and to choose which type of financing that will be used in order to get their business started. â€Å"So what make up a business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, the reasons why they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals. It may also contain backgroundRead Moreglobal1641 Words   |  7 Pagesnation worried and respect to this country. Lastly, coffee addicted among American people and society. Starbucks firm specific (FSAs) advantages are location of their coffee house. Most of Starbucks coffee house are located in strategic area like urban area. This location has high traffic that can be easily reach and access by customer. Then, Starbucks offer high quality of facility and convenience to their customer. The ambience in the coffee house can make people relax and enjoy having a meetingRead MoreHow Globalization And Technology Changes Have Impacted The Corporation You Researched1101 Words   |  5 PagesHow does it affect a company? Who are the recipients of these benefits, if there are any? What are some major benefits of going global? â€Å"Globalization is the increasing economic interdependence among countries and their organizations as reflected in the flow of goods and services, financial capital, and knowledge across country borders† (Hitt, Ireland, Hoskisson, pg. 9). Starbucks, an American company headquartered in Seattle, Washington is one of the most gl obal companies I can think of, withRead MoreManage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development1500 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction: I am the Marketing Manager of Gloria Jeans Coffees, responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring marketing activates within the business. In this report I will first explain how I would establish personal work goals, set and meet my own work priorities and develop and maintain professional competence. 1. Establish Personal Work Goals List Responsibilities of position: * Produce annual planning for the marketing and public relations activities of Gloria JeansRead MoreFreshly Brewed, Single Cup Of Coffee1640 Words   |  7 Pagessingle cup of coffee contains 2% of Niacin and Magnesium, 3% of Manganese and Potassium, 6% of Pantothenic Acid, and 11% of the daily recommended amount of Riboflavin (Gunnars). Coffee is healthy because it contains a great source of nutrients that human beings need in order to survive. According to the National Coffee Association, in 2015 59% of Americans aged 18+ drink coffee every day. People say, â€Å"it’s just a coffee,† but this is inadequate analysis it. Before a cup of fresh coffee is brewed at

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